In tune with the ‘Motorsport at home’ slogan, for over 50 years Carrera has been bringing together long-time slot car enthusiasts and complete newcomers around its circuits to set up thrilling racetrack battles for gamers of every age.

There are plenty of great car racetrack products in the world market leader’s product portfolio, and thanks to the acquisition of some great reproduction licenses all members of the family can share this fun out on the tracks. On top of the numerous exclusive licenses, Carrera can also impress with supreme quality, innovative technology
and the realistic motor racing atmosphere it creates in homes around the world. Sets featuring today’s top racing cars, as they meet the classics of yesteryear and push every Carrera driver to the limit - lap after lap. There’s also lots for the world’s youngest drivers. As well as cars from the motor racing world, Carrera’s hallowed racetracks also play host to stars like the world’s most famous plumber ‘Mario’ from Nintendo MarioKart™ 8, Disney/Pixar Cars and Transformers, to pack every bedroom race circuit with highspeed action. Racers of all ages will be reaching for the control handsets, zooming round the circuits and engaging in battles for racetrack supremacy.

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