City Hobbies and Toys has a wide range of drones suitable for beginners through to experts. The brands we stock are proven in fly-ability, quality, reliability and spare parts availability. Whether you are looking for something small to fly indoors or to produce the highest quality video of your family activities, favorite pastime or as part of your job, we have a drone suitable for you.

We honour all our manufacturer's product warranties. We ourselves do not offer any additional warranties.

Spare parts are a key part of our business and we do carry limited spare parts in store for most of the drones we sell. DJI spare parts are ordered in as required. Generally, most parts arrive from our suppliers within 2 - 3 business days after ordering.

Service and repairs are available for products purchased from us only.

DJI service and repairs will be assessed on a case by case basis - the product doesn't necessarily need to purchased from us. It is recommended however, if your product is still under warranty, you return it to your original place of purchase.


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