If you want a Perfect Grade kit but don’t want to hurt your wallet too much, then this is the kit for you! Real Grade kits are roughly palm sized Perfect Grade kits. This is the latest model grade that Bandai has begun producing, and they are one of a kind! It’s the first model grade that is 1/144 in scale but still has an inner frame just like MG kits. 

The RG kit’s level of detail are comparable to PG kits. Articulation in RG kits is as best as it can get, armor color variation and separation is also at its finest in RG kits. They are heavy on decals, too. Now you know why it is called “Real” Grade, because the goal of this model grade line-up is to produce the most realistic but affordable Gundam and mobile suit model kits available. To pick out this kit grade, look for “Excitement embodied” on the box art and the abbreviation “RG”.