Neither STAR WARS nor BANDAI need much of an introduction we think, both have been long-establish brands. However when these two join forces, fans of the Star Wars franchise can frolic of the sight of collectibles the cooperation of brands brings about. Bandai plastic model kits are no exception to this excitement and enjoy great popularity. Like the movies are always anxiously anticipated, also hobby enthusiast look forward eagerly to new releases to expand their collections with latest models. And somehow Bandai always manages to set the bar a little higher for new products so to surprise the modeller community over again.

After Bandai acquiring the licence for Star Wars collectibles, in case of model kits taking over from its predecessor FINE MOLDS, the expectations were very high and there was also some concern, whether the new licencor would actually be capable of maintaining the standards of those plastic model kits. Meanwhile it can be well said that Bandai has pulled out all the stops with their existing and upcoming products in this segment, putting forth some of the finest kits produced for the Star Wars series. Some may even argue that Bandai tops the quality of the Fine Molds sets.

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