Artesania New Hull Planking Modelling Tool



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This simple hull support for planking, painting and building ship models brings you a practical and sure method to keep the hull immobile, leaving both hands free to work the details more comfortably. It is ideal for example to maintain the hull static and balanced while you are drawing waterline.


The hull support for ship models is made of solid wood and has a length of forceps 300 mm. It is recommended to hold boats up to 400 mm false keel approximately -valid for models of the 19000, 20100 and some of the 20400 Artesania Latina's series-.

It has a pivot point to tilt the hull to the ideal working position.


Fastening the hull and the turning point of the support are fixed by screws, without additional tool.


Two metal clamps included to secure the bracket to the edge of the desk.