Bandai 1/100 Gundam Kimaris booster Unit Type



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Series title:Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Item series:1/100 Iron-Blooded Orphans - A new Gundam frame aircraft 1/100 line up Gundam Kimarimasu scan appeared! - Kit the Gundam Kimarimasu vinegar 1/100 unique high detail specification. Frame, of course, reproduce the parts moving to higher dimensions. - In addition to the proportion reproduction of Sakuchu, posing any way you want in a wide range of motion! Reproduced in high detail specification !! - In addition to the High Detail external armor, reproduce the internal structural frame, which is a feature of the 1/100 series. - Expansion of the leg shin reproducibility movable. - Various armed included! Gunguniru, combat knife, comes armed parts such as slash disk. The specifications of this addition to further comes with parts also is !! play value packed! - Accessories: Gunguniru, combat knife, slash disk × 2, other

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