Bandai Figure rise Standard SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN



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Super Saiyan who appeared in TV anime [Dragon Ball Ultra] God Super Saiyan Son Goku appeared in figure-rise Standard! Build a muscle!

Super Saiyanjin God The blue shining head of the super saiyan 's character is reproduced with metallic molding color!
- Two types of [normal] and [scream] are attached to the expression part.
- The effect part comes with two kinds of [Kamehame Wave (for)] and [Kamehame Wave (Release)].
- A new wheel seal attached to reproduce the [Satoru] mark of the bodice worn in the play.

Included Accessories:-: 

Two Moves of Special Moves Effect (Kamehame Waves (because), Kamehame Waves (Liberation)) × 1 each, 2 expression parts (normal, cry) × 1 each, 5 types of wrist parts (hand grip hands, Left / right Kamehame wave hand, instant hand move) × 1 each, Effect Pedestal × 1

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