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“14 new opening moves, fast games and quick endings. A single change offering a new world of possibilities and challenges. Brilliant!” – Puzzle Nation, 2018

The inspiration of a young girl, Aimee, playing chess with her dad, “she moved her rook onto the pawn’s square and with her next move proceeded to move both pieces to the far end of the board where she proudly pronounced she get’s a queen and will beat her dad” – Christian, Creator.

Played under standard chess rules, with one big difference, you can combine your pieces into more powerful merged pieces. Merge a rook and a bishop and the new piece works just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board one square at a time, merge it with a rook who can send it straight across the board to be promoted to a queen!

And merged pieces don’t  have to stay together when the time is right they can split into their original pieces.

Chessplus is a fun and fast paced strategy game with greater risk, reward and quicker games than traditional chess.

Also being a traditional chess set it’s 2 games in 1.

p.s. the King cannot merge, it must remain slow, fat and rich.

Apply the rules of Chess, plus these extra options for an exciting evolution of the traditional game:

  • Create new ‘merged’ pieces by moving any piece onto to the square of another piece of the same colour (except for the king).
  • Move ‘merged’ pieces as either of their joined pieces, or split them by moving either piece away individually.
  • Gain extra queens quickly by moving a ‘merged’ piece containing a pawn to the far end of the board, with 3 extra queens included for a knockout finish.

Note: The merging or splitting of a piece is considered a move. Individual pieces must always move according to their traditional abilities. When captured or promoted the ‘merged’ piece leaves the board.

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